Unicycle One Wheel Electric Scooter Bike Black Matte


Unicycle One Wheel Electric Scooter Bike Black Matte

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Unicycle is an intelligent system balances you automatically. The on-board gyroscopes and inertial monitoring make corrections to the motor speed and power hundreds of times per second.On-board electric unicycle scooter is the latest high-tech means of transport adopting aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy algorithm, and gyroscope system to achieve balance by forward and backward leaning. Users can control the vehicle to go forward, accelerate, decelerate, brake or others, by inclining forward or leaning backwards. The left and right balance is similar to the technique of riding a bicycle – achieved through slightly slanting left or right.It is light and small enough to put in your backpack, it is easy to ride, it is your life partner. You may just need one hour to learn how to control and ride it, one day to fall in love with it, enjoying your wheel! Riding this electric unicycle scooter through square and mall, breezing around street and metro, catching people’s eyes and jealousy, how fantabulous thing can you image in your life! No hesitating, what are you waiting for??
How to use:
* Starting Electric Unicycle Scooter
Place Electric Unicycle Scooter on the ground and turn on power. Power and Battery Level LED will illuminate and buzzer will beep,then the vehicle is ready to use.
If Electric Unicycle Scooter tilts either forward or backwards after power is switched on, then wait until it reverts to upright position before riding.

* Battery level
A four-bar LED indicator is used to indicate battery level. All four will light up when power level is more than 85% and will go off one by one as the level decreases. Please check power level before usage to ensure there is enough power for the return trip.You may want to charge it every time after use.
When power level is lower than 10%, all four lights will flicker and the buzzer will sound off. The front part of the treadle will lower itself to force you to decelerate and eventually stop. Please do not restart when this occurs to avoid any accidents.
Sustained range will decrease during winter. This is because the battery performance decreases quickly in cold conditions. In-15℃, for example, battery performance is only about half in comparison to that in room temperature.
* Speed Control
To prevent injuries caused by speed, this electric unicycle scooter comes with a speed control design. When speed exceeds 10km/h,the front part of the treadle will rise slowly; when the speed exceeds 16km/h, the treadle will rise to a 10° angle, to preventyou from inclining forward to further accelerate. As the speed decreases, the angle of the treadle will also lower itself.
NOTE: When the speed is about to reach its limit, please do not incline forward anymore to force acceleration to prevent injuries.
* Side-tilting protection
When electric unicycle scooter sideways more than a 45° angle, for example whenelectric unicycle scooter falls, the control system will activate side-tilt protection. The machine will stop running immediately to prevent injuries.
The buzzer will sound off a long buzz and the LED will flicker when this is activated.
To deactivate this, turn the power off, then restart.
* Charging
Plug in the power source after inserting the charger plug, or else the charger will not activate. This can also prevent potential risks, to ensure a safer charge.electric unicycle scooter provides a high-power charger. During normal conditions, only 45 mins is needed to be fully charged, 30mins allows 80% charged. The red light on the charger indicates charging, green indicates charging complete.
If not in urgent need, please wait until charging complete before unplugging, because after charging, the protection circuit will perform power flow equilibrium.
* Water resistance
The water resistance level of this electric unicycle scooter is IP 56, allowing it to pass through water of no deeper than 10 mm.It can be used in light rain, but do not steep the vehicle in water or take long rides in heavy rain.
* Storage
Please store the electric unicycle scooter in a dry place. If left unused, recharge the battery every two months to maintain longevity of the battery.
* Inflation
Use the extension inflation tube to inflate the tire. Without the tube, you will not be able to pump air into the wheel.
* Changing tires
To repair or change the inner or outer tires, open the side of the cover without the indicator lights. First, unscrew the 14 screws on the sides, then the six at the center. Now the side cover can be opened. Give care when disassembling the connecting
terminal. No not force disconnection.
  • Highest Speed :18 km/hr
  • Safe climbing angle about 15°,60kg riders up to 18°
  • Highest capacity is 120Kg
  • Charging time about 45 mins, 80% charged in 30 mins Power level LED indicator Performance:
  • Highest Speed:About 18 km/hr
  • Range:About 12-15Km(May vary depending on rider’s weight, road condition and temperature.)
  • Battery:132WH Lithium Battery(Protection circuit with equilibrium function)
  • Temperature:-10°C~40°C (Best at 10°~30°C)
  • Capacity:120Kg
  • Charger Voltage:AC110-220V 50-60Hz
  • Charging time:About 45 mins(80% charged in 30 mins)
  • Appearance Weight: Size:Height 450mm Length 395mm (Largest width 160mm;smallest width 70mm) Distance of treadle from ground:112mm(When dismounted) Tire size:14 inch Car body:9.8Kg(Without training wheel) Safety Measures: Slanting protection:Average 45°left and right(Machine will deactivate when exceed 45°angle) Speed limit protection:Turned on at 10Km/h(Front part of treadle will rise to prevent further acceleration) Low power protection:Turned down when power below 10%(Front part of treadle will descend,speed will decrease until it fully stops)


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