Longboard Skateboarding Gloves Slider Puck Green


Longboarding Skateboarding Gloves with Slider Puck Green

  • Premium Materials: The palms and backs of the gloves are made of wear-resistant goatskin and 0.8mm microfiber leather; the wrists are made of nylon mesh and 6mm SBR diving quick-drying fabric, quick-drying, sweat-proof,
    strong and breathable; 3.8 ×44cm ultra-long webbing, which can meet the size requirements of most hands.
  • Unique Design:  A piece of 3mm cowhide is specially added to the root of the thumb where is most easily worn, which can
    effectively protect the palm and prevent injuries.
  • A 6mm sponge is sewn under the cowhide on the back of the hand, which can resist external impact more effectively and is very suitable for outdoor skateboarding. Every detail can reflect the designer’s ingenuity.
  • Genuine Leather Craftsmanship: The back of the glove is made of cowhide. The sewing thread is strong and will not break, and the elasticity can effectively adjust the size of the gloves.
  • Exquisite sewing technology provides a fashionable, durable, safe and textured feeling for those who love skateboarding.
  • 2 Sets of Slider Puck Set: The slider set includes finger slider*2, palm slider*2, thumb slider*2, which can be used to
    assist braking, drifting, and dancing, and the palm supports the balance of the body, assist the difficult braking action. You can change the slider puck as needed.
  • A Good Helper for Day/Night Safety: A fluorescent reflective strip is sewn on the back of the glove, which can completely reflect the light in the dark, eye-catching, and play a warning role, allowing you to play skateboarding at night without worry.
  • Lightweight Design
  • Breathable Fabric
  • Palm, Fingers, and Thumb Pucks


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