Longboard Skateboarding Gloves Slider Puck Black


Longboarding Skateboarding Gloves with Slider Puck Black


Size: Length: 8.7 inches. Standard (medium) size for adults.

  • Adjustable: This gloves are specially designed with Velcro, metal buckle and polyester fiber wrist wrap for additional support, ensures a perfect fit. Tighten or loosen the wrist wrap according to your needs.
  • Additional protection for Joints and Back of the hand: There are armor and thick leather on the back of the hand and the knuckles, protect your finger joint part and the back of the hand in the friction, keep away from hurt.
  • Comes with Removable Slider Puck Set: Free and replaceable slider pucks are included, you can change the slider puck you like if you need.
  • Ventilate design and Comfortable Fabric: 4 holes are specially designed to improve air flow and reduce internal temperature. Also, breathable fabric offers you a comfortable experience.

Longboard Downhill Slide Protective Gloves

In skateboard sports, we always need to hold hands to hold some buildings or roadside poles, trees, and even the ground, and these things are often not very smooth and easy to cause hand damage. Ideal gloves are both comfortable to wear and protect your hands from injury.

This product uses Seiko cutting and sewing technology, breathable and sweating effect is good, wearing comfortable, well balanced, resistant to hydrolysis, aging, wear-resisting, milk zigzag, high-temperature resistance, low-temperature resistance, easy maintenance, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, tasteless, moth proof and mildew, so that you can keep your hands dry, flexible, and effective. The handguard provides a relaxing and enjoyable process for your sports.

  • Lightweight Design
  • Breathable Fabric
  • Palm, Fingers, and Thumb Pucks


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